Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck... The #DealGetter Way

Growing up as a kid, I can thankfully say I wasn't really missing anything. I had my soccer ball, my basketball, a basketball net and a Playstation. I can honestly say I had everything I wanted. As I started to grow up, I got my first real job as a car detailer at a local automotive detailing shop. 

That summer that I began working there, I spent anywhere from 40-60 hours a week working. I was addicted at first. I loved being able to clean, then drive beautiful cars and make them shine like they were brand new again. But there was something I realized. No matter how much I worked, I always felt like my money was disappearing. I was only 16 years old at the time, so the majority of my money got spent on food and random activities when I had the time.

And one day, I got asked my most dreaded question by my mom. "How much money have you saved this summer for college." I nervously answered her "$0." She was appalled. She wanted to know what I was spending all of my money on, and I truly didn't have an answer. I had nothing concrete to show for it except for restaurant bills and corner store receipts. I realized that I needed to change, and that I needed to learn how to save money, because truthfully, I didn't know how. I didn't know how to get the most bang for my buck. Working a minimum wage job, it was crucial that I learned how or else I was going to constantly be chasing the next paycheque.

So I began doing research on this topic, asking different adults, reading different articles, and watching different videos. The one piece of advice I got from my father that truly stuck is what I'm about to share.

"Don't buy things when you need them, buy things when you find them."

Now what exactly does this mean? For example, take a pair of black gym shoes that your wear almost every day. You just bought a new pair and won't need another one for the next 12-14 months. But one day, you're shopping and find a really nice pair on clearance for 70% off and the store caries your size in stock. So now, you have a decision to make. You either spend the money on shoes you don't really need at this current time, or you save that money for something else.

The average person would tell you to save your money since you already have gym shoes. But I'm here to tell you the best way to save your money is actually to spend it. The reason I say this is because if you don't buy these shoes when they're 70% off, when your current pair gets worn out, you're most likely going to buy a replacement at full price. So for example, instead of spending $60 now when they're on clearnace, you might have to spend $200 in a year. 

So the moral of the story is always spend money when you're maximizing the value of it. Don't worry about the timing, just worry about the value. When you can maximize your value, you'll maximize your life. When you find a good deal that you know won't last, jump on it quickly and don't look back. It will be worth it.

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